Friday, September 7, 2012

Fashion Night Out Miami

Happy Friday everyone, last night as many of you know
was Fashions Night Out. It was actually my first time
attending and i had such a great time! I went with my fellow
blogger Yvette. Are you ready for a picture heavy blogpost? 

Outfit Details: 
Blouse: Forever 21/ Cobalt Blue Skinnies: Express/ 
Heels: Kardashian Kollection

So the first thing we ended up doing was watching
 a little fashion show that they had on the 2nd level,
 we were waiting for the lovely Julissa Bermudez 
from Empire Girls to show up.

Then we went downstairs to where Julissa Bermudez was 
arriving and they had delicious cupcakes for us too. :) 
The cupcakes are from My Cake Dreams The owner Nidia was
so nice anyone in south fl make sure you check her out.

After the delicious cupcake the beautiful Julissa B. arrived
and we got to meet, talk, & take pictures with her.

She was so sweet and fun. I love that she was so into
her fans and very nice as well.

After meeting her we took an art class. 
An art class in the mall you say?? Well yes, 
we were walking to go back upstairs when they 
asked us to sit down and paint. How cool? 

Our art teacher Eric from Painting With A Twist
was so helpful, he was showing us step by step instructions
on how to paint this Little Black Dress Painting.
Which was the perfect thing to paint for FNO.

After we finished with the art class we went up to the
3rd floor were they had food and drinks. However
since the art class did take a little long by the time we got up
there the food was gone lol the only restaurant that was still
up there was from Bongos Cuban Cafe. They gave us a taste
of the Arroz amarillo con Pollo (chicken with yellow rice)
but since they were out of plates we didn't care and asked
for a napkin the rice was so worth it though.

That was the end of our night at Fashions Night Out.
I truly did have a good time and looking forward to next years.

Hope you all had a fun FNO if you did go 
anywhere and make sure to subscribe to my blog i'm 
having a giveaway next week with the lovely
Vercelis Boutique so stay tuned. :)


  1. looks like you had so much fun!! I love FNO! love those blue skinnies too ;)


    1. Thank you love!! I did. :) glad u did too!

  2. I had alot of fun! I was In nyc, i'll post pics soon! You look like you really enjoyed yourself! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Aww your welcome love! It really was fun glad u had a great time too :)


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