Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Insta Moments

This last week has been horrible for me i ended up getting sick and 
still am. With only 2 1/2 weeks till my scheduled c-section i just 
want to get better fast. Ive been trying to rest as much possible 
which is why i haven't done an outfit post but I will definitely try 
to get at least 2 ootd post up for you all before baby is here! 

In the meantime here are some of my recent pictures on instagram. 
Don't forget to follow me on there @shoelover88 to keep up with 
my daily stuff. 

My brother and his wife had their baby on Sep 11.
Meet my second niece Sophie!

Found these at Charlotte Russe for only $10

One of the most comfortable wedge. Got them at target for $13 

Selfie on the day of my baby shower. 

Baby bump at 8 months.

Took my son to the park for a mini photoshoot
just to do this collage i found on pinterest. Lol

He is finally into shades and refuses to take them off.

I was featured on People En Espanol as one of the top
5 best summer dressed.

Babybump at 7 months.


  1. are those mint heels?! o.O


  2. She is solo cute !
    My bestfriend just had her baby 2 weeks ago and she got sick right before her c-section.
    Just calm down and try not to stress out that's what makes you more sick.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. Very cool Instagram collection! I'm loving your shoes! Great taste :)

  4. Great photos <3


Thank you for all your lovely comments & support. Means alot! xo Arleene