Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SOHO Beauty Review/ Make-Up Look

A couple weeks ago SOHO Beauty sent me some products 
to review. I have been using the brushes and sponges in that 
time and i have to say i LOVE them. The brushes are soft & 
most important have not shed on me. 

They sent me a highlighter brush, foundation brush, eyeshadow 
& eyeliner brush and the beauty sponges and a couple make up 
bags and organizers as well. I created this simple look for a 
wedding this past weekend and used all brushes i also used the 
sponges to apply my concealer. 

As you can see the foundation just blended on so great of course i 
did a little bit of editing on the pictures but nothing to mess with 
how the application went on using these products. If you would like 
to maybe try these products out you can click here and it will show 
you where they are sold. 


  1. Wow!! You look amazing! Your face is perfect! OMG!




Thank you for all your lovely comments & support. Means alot! xo Arleene