Friday, August 1, 2014

Milani Bella Eyes Swatches

Hey there lovelies! If you follow me on instagram (here
then you know that i have been sick these last couple 
of days. So for todays post i am bringing you swatches 
for the milani bella eyes. I know by now you have 
probably seen a lot of posts & swatches on these but 
i figure you can never see enough lol 

I only bought these 8 of of the 30 the collection has but 
i love them so much i plan on getting more soon. 
They are so smooth and soft and apply better with the 
finger than a brush but i don't mind. Have you tried these? 
Did you like them? Let me know! 

 From L-R 
Bella White, Bella Ivory, Bella Caffe, Bella Teal 

From L-R 
Bella Emerald, Bella Pink, Bella Champagne, Bella Violet 

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  1. Beautiful range of shades and I LOVE that subtle satin sheen of the texture :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight


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