Thursday, September 25, 2014

Kim Kardashian Inspired

Outfit Details: 
Top: Madrag/ Skirt: Forever21/ Shoes: Zara 

Hey loves! I meant to have this look up a couple days ago 
but this has been such a long week for me. Hubby had some 
medical issues, grandma is recovering from surgery, & 
of course mommy duties! 

I posted this picture i believe 2 days ago on instagram and of course 
someone had to comment about how my outfit looks nothing like 
kims and that my baby is not dressed like baby North!! LOL 
i mean seriously? Some people just have nothing to do. I hope you 
all like this INSPIRED look its obviously not as identical as 
kims because its meant to be inspired by. My baby kept looking 
at the camera and my skirt kept scrunching up from me 
holding him lol but it was a fun taking pics with him. 



  1. well, let people say what they have too, u look great and ur baby is adorable
    best part is you had fun
    keep in touch

  2. You nailed the look! This skirt looks lovely on you and I love that you added heels. Such a pretty outfit!


Thank you for all your lovely comments & support. Means alot! xo Arleene