Tuesday, June 9, 2015

New Loreal Lumi Powder Highlight Swatches


No flash.

With flash.

Hey guys so I was browsing through target today and came across 
this gorgeous setup of the new loreal highlighters, I was only able 
to pick up one today so I chose the color Rose which is said to 
enhance neutral skintones. It retails for $10.99 

The picture of the swatches that i posted does not do it justice!! 
This highlighter is so pigmented and very beautiful. I feel like 
in the picture it looks a bit chalky but once applied on the skin 
its so different. I will definitely be picking up the one of the 
other colors. If you don't find these in your targets now I'm sure 
you will be able to in a week or so cause it seems that they are 
just rolling in stores. Will you be trying it out? 

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  1. such a gorgeous highlighter
    keep in touch


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