Monday, September 12, 2016

Ninja Coffee Bar Review & Demo

For today's lifestyle post I wanted to share with you my thoughts on 
the Ninja Coffee Bar and show you a demo video of one of the many 
drink recipes in the book. First off let me start by going over the 
features this product claims to have. 

-Auto-iQ one touch intelligence 
-Thermal Flavor Extraction 
-Pre-infusion & Coffee saturation 
-Programmable Delay Brew 
-Drip stop

This coffee bar system retails anywhere from $149-$180 depending on where 
you purchase yours from. The coffee bar system includes a Glass Carafe, 
Reusable filter, Tumbler, Manual frother, Coffee scoop and a Recipe book. 

When my husband and I first used this system we made a classic cup of 
coffee, which is what he normally drinks. We had a little problem though, 
there were a lot of coffee grounds in the bottom of his mug. After I read the 
booklet though I used a different type of coffee and it was fine.  

However, after using it a little more I really like that this system gives you 
the option to make very different type of drinks rather than making the 
same old cup of coffee on a regular coffee maker. I love that you can create 
specialty drinks like the ones in those fancy coffee shops. It allows the 
coffee to brew differently depending on the setting you choose & the type 
of drink you want. 

There were only a few things that I didn't like about this system.
-You have to rinse the filter after every use 
-It does take about 5-7 minutes to brew a carafe 
-Depending on the mug used, it splattered a lot 

Those were the issues that I wasn't to thrilled about but even after all of that 
I still like the system because we can make multiple specialty drinks in 
the comfort of our home. No more having to spend $5 on a coffee I'm 
craving when I can easily make it at home! I also really love that is has 
the drip stop option because it will prevent the drips after you remove your 
mug. Below is a video I made of the Ninja coffee bar system in action. 
I made a Thai-Style Iced Coffee for the 
video with a recipe from the book. Enjoy!! 

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